Puppet Building 101: Jointed Rod Puppet


 8th - 12th; adults

MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS: Not to exceed one class size (25-ish)

COST: $175 (60 minutes); $225 (for 90 minutes)

PROGRAM LENGTH: 60-90 minutes (60 minutes for puppet building ONLY; 90 minutes for puppet building + manipulation & scene work)


How to Book

Discount & Cancellation Policies


Participants will build a working, jointed Bunraku (Japanese rod) style puppet from recycled newspaper, masking tape, and craft sticks! Based on the human figure and human proportions, puppets can be transformed into just about any character.  The extended workshop (90 minutes) offers participants an opportunity to bring their puppets to life through manipulation exercises and scripted scenes.  Though participants will each build their own individual puppet, teamwork is required during manipulation.  Traditional Bunraku puppets, pictures, and video clips enhance the content. This workshop is ideal for team building and for anyone 14 years + who wants to learn how to build a real, working puppet.

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How to Book
  • Call 404.881.5117 or email distancelearning@puppet.org to check for availability.
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Discount & Cancellation Policies

Discount Policy:

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Cancellation Policy:

  • We will not charge for programs cancelled due to nature i.e. snow days. We do require a reschedule, however.
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  • Program topics can be changed up to one week in advance provided the teacher has time to prep the new puppet for the topic change.
  • Foreign language programs require a 2 week cancellation notice. Call with questions.