March 26, 2018

Puppetry of India

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Photo courtesy Brad Clark

Presented by Kathy Foley 


March 26, 2018

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March 26, 2018 (7pm-9pm Monday)

Indian puppetry ranges from ritual performances with the Goddess almost the only spectator to contemporary puppetry to raise environmental consciousness and everything in between. String-, glove-, rod- and shadow forms have evolved over millennia. The cultural and social backgrounds of selected theatres and the unique methods of manipulation (head rings that allow a puppeteer to “dance” becoming almost as a double of the figure, rod puppets supported by a waist harness, shadow puppets taller than humans). The relation of music, dance, myth, and the animated object will be highlighted.  Modern performance in education, entertainment, and social service continues this long history and traditional puppeteers fight to retain their family heritage as high-rise developments threaten to displace them from areas the community has settled. Learn of the long and deep heritage of puppetry and its vibrant presence in Indian culture. 

LEVEL: intermediate (for industry/professionals) | Ages 18+

COST: $25 General  |  $15 Member