Junior Explorers Series - Oct 15, 2017

Animatronic Karakuri Playshop


Photo credit: Paulette Richards

Presented by Paulette Richards


Junior Explorers Series - Oct 15, 2017

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Oct 15, 2017 (5pm-6:30pm Sunday)

DESCRIPTION: When Portuguese explorers reached Japan in the 16th century, Japanese craftsmen were inspired to use cam and gear mechanisms they saw in western clockwork to create mechanically animated figures known as karakuri. Participants in this workshop will develop puppet characters while customizing a hobby horse karakuri from a kit that introduces cam mechanisms.  They will also learn to connect power, inputs, wires, and outputs in appropriate sequence by building circuits with littleBits.

LEVEL: Ages 9-12 and their grown-ups

COST: $15 General | $10 Member  


Note: Each ticket is for 2 people: 1 adult & 1 child  (20 tickets equal a total of 40 people in the workshop.)