May 11 - 14, 2017

XPT: Xperimental Puppetry Theater


“From Beyond” by Dante DeStefano, XPT 2015

By Various Artists


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Ages 18+

What happens when artists of all disciplines join forces to create bold, original puppetry works for adult audiences? XPT! Guaranteed to inspire, surprise, amuse, and provoke.

Puppetry Style: Various

Downstairs Theater

Information and Application

Puppetry is an art form that combines literature, music, mime, dance and drama with the visual arts.  Xperimental Puppetry Theater (XPT) is a program at the Center for Puppetry Arts (Center) that offers artists 18 and up the opportunity to explore the creative potential of the puppet theater and create original puppetry works intended for adult audiences. Proposed pieces must be under ten minutes, and can be in any of the myriad styles of puppetry: shadows, masks, automata, object theater, toy theater, hand puppets, rod puppets, body puppets, stop-motion and live puppet film, marionettes, etc. We also accept puppetry themed installation art for display in the bar area during the production.

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